Technology Guide

At Associates in Hearing HealthCare we realize the importance in providing consumers with choices when obtaining hearing aids. We believe an educated consumer is the best consumer.

There is a broad range in the cost of hearing aids. This wide range reflects the degrees of sophistication available in hearing aids.

Purchasing a hearing aid is a highly personal process. The level of technology a consumer chooses is best determined by the individual’s lifestyle and communicative needs. For example, the most advanced devices may not be essential for a person who has a quiet lifestyle. However, if that same individual has a significant hearing loss with poor understanding of speech, many of the features in the more advanced levels would be very helpful. Alternately, a person with a very active lifestyle will function best with the most advanced technology, even if their hearing loss is only moderate.

Our skilled providers will work with each person to meet these needs and to program the hearing aids for optimal performance. Our goal is to provide consumers with the best match for their acoustic, communicative and budgetary needs when choosing amplification.

Associates In Hearing HealthCare