How to Replace Your Wax-Guard

Wax-guards, also called wax filters, intend to keep earwax from getting into the most critical parts of your hearing aid. When too much wax builds up in the filters, it begins to muffle application and can produce the moisture they intend to prevent.

You should change your wax guard once a month or anytime your hearing aid does not sound loud enough or feels like it isn’t working.

Follow these easy steps to install new batteries:


If necessary, remove the dome from your receiver.

You will need to remove the dome to find the wax guard. Domes are a friction fit to the receiver. To remove, gently tug on the dome.


Remove the old wax-guard.

There are 2 styles of wax guards. The Oticon No Wax, Pro Wax and Pro Wax Minifit are a turtle shape while the Wax stop or Cerustop are little sticks in a small container. 

On one end of the stick or on one side of the No-Wax, there is a new wax guard and at the other end there is a small prong. Place the prong end of the stick straight into the wax guard in the hearing aid and then pull straight out. The old wax guard is removed from the hearing aid. Do not rotate or twist.


Put in new wax-guard.

Rotate the Stick and place the new wax guard into the opening by pushing it in straight. Discard the used wax guard in the trash.


Replace the dome if needed.

Slip the dome over the tip of the receiver. It is a friction fit. Tug gently on the dome to make sure it is securely on.

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