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Wellness is a hot buzzword in health care. References to wellness are commonplace, from television advertising to newsletters from health insurance providers, hospitals, and physicians.

We strive to live rich and fulfilling lives and recognize that good health is integral to achieving this goal. That’s why we strive to eat well, exercise routinely, and get our blood pressure, sugar, vision, and teeth checked on a regular basis.

However, few people think to have their hearing evaluated by an audiologist.

Hearing loss is the third most common medical problem in people over 55. This is most likely due to the very nature of hearing loss; it typically has a very gradual onset and slowly worsens over time.

People with hearing loss often adapt to hearing loss as their hearing changes. That is why confirmed hearing loss often comes as a surprise. As audiologists, we feel that highlighting the need for more frequent hearing screenings is a major step forward in total wellness.

At Associates in Hearing HealthCare, we recommended that everyone get a baseline hearing test by the age of 55. Even if you find that you do not need hearing aids, it gives you a good understanding of your hearing health, and what to be aware of if your hearing changes.

If you are diagnosed with mild hearing loss, you can become aware of the constructive use of compensatory strategies and help reduce the negative effects of a mild problem. More involved hearing problems are best addressed before they become severe and have substantial negative consequences.

If you believe one of your friends or colleagues is suffering from hearing loss, have them contact us or call 856-266-9590 to schedule an appointment in our Barrington or Marlton, New Jersey offices. They will thank you for your care and concern.

- Associates In Hearing HealthCare
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