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How to change batteries:

Unless you have rechargeable devices, your hearing aid batteries will need to be changed.

Hearing aid batteries typically can last anywhere from three days to up to a couple of weeks depending on your hearing aid style, how long you wear your hearing aids each day, and if you do a lot of wireless streaming to your hearing aids.

When the batteries begin to get low you will start to hear beeping in your ear to notify you that it is time to replace them.

Follow these easy steps to install new batteries:

#1: Remove the batteries from the package and peel the sticky tabs off them. 

Hearing aid batteries come in five different sizes with universal color coding. Be sure that you have the right battery size before you open the package. Do not peel until you are certain you will use the battery because there is no turning back.

#2: Give the battery a minute or two to activate – batteries need oxygen to fully activate. 

Zinc-air batteries are designed with fine holes and a filter, so your batteries should be exposed to air for 60 seconds prior to installing, to ensure they will have full power in your hearing aids, and last as long as they’re supposed to.

#3: Next, locate the battery door on your hearing aid. 

There’s usually a notch to press or lever to pull, and the compartment will swing open. Remove the old batteries and place the new batteries into the slots with the positive side up. Hearing aid batteries have a smooth, or positive, side; and a raised, or negative, side. The proper placement for the batteries is with the negative side down, so the smooth surface is all you see.  

#4: Simply close the door until it clicks, and you should be all set with your new battery.

If you have installed the batteries correctly, you should be able to close the doors of the battery compartments smoothly and easily. If it seems difficult to close them, check to see if you may have accidentally installed the batteries incorrectly.

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Follow these easy steps to replace your wax-guard:

#1: If necessary, remove the dome from your receiver.

You will need to remove the dome to find the wax guard. Domes are a friction fit to the receiver. To remove, gently tug on the dome.

#2: Remove the old wax-guard.

There are 2 styles of wax guards. The Oticon No Wax, Pro Wax and Pro Wax Minifit are a turtle shape while the Wax stop or Cerustop are little sticks in a small container.

On one end of the stick or on one side of the No-Wax, there is a new wax guard and at the other end there is a small prong. Place the prong end of the stick straight into the wax guard in the hearing aid and then pull straight out. The old wax guard is removed from the hearing aid. Do not rotate or twist.

#3: Put in new wax-guard.

Rotate the Stick and place the new wax guard into the opening by pushing it in straight. Discard the used wax guard in the trash.

#4: Replace the dome if needed.

Slip the dome over the tip of the receiver. It is a friction fit. Tug gently on the dome to make sure it is securely on.

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