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What’s new in hearing aid technology? That’s a question our staff and audiologists are asked all the time – one that we’re excited to answer! These days, there are countless new hearing aids with groundbreaking technology to address all degrees and types of hearing loss, and you’ll find them at Associates in Hearing Healthcare. Call us today at (856) 266-9590 to find the technology right for you!

Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids let you wirelessly connect to a TV, cell phone, landline phone, iPod and more. These devices provide better sound clarity and speech comprehension since the sound is delivered directly to the hearing aid without reverberation or sound decay.

The new generation of hearing aids – small, discrete, and packed with technology – uses wireless connections. This allows you to hear a conversation on your phone or a program on your TV directly through your hearing aid. You won’t have to hold the phone close to your ear or strain to hear the television – “smart” hearing aids use Bluetooth to pair your hearing device directly with other wireless and Bluetooth-enables electronics. This gives you greater freedom and control over your environment.

Bluetooth technology works wirelessly. For hearing aids, this means that your hearing device links directly to other gadgets using radio wave technology. It’s built into thousands of electronics, like digital cameras and computers.

However, some hearing aids do not accommodate a Bluetooth chip. You can still enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth-like technology through a “streamer” or “assistive listening device.” These accessories allow you to stream directly from cell phones, TV’s and computers.

Individuals with hearing loss can find this new technology at Associates in Hearing Healthcare. With locations in Barrington and Marlton, NJ, we are committed to providing our patients with the newest, most exciting technology on the market.

What is the right solution for you? Contact Associates in Hearing Healthcare today or call (856) 266-9590 to schedule a consultation at one of our New Jersey locations.

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