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At Associates in Hearing HealthCare, we strive to offer the best possible customer service for our patients.

This means providing ongoing care after the purchase of a hearing aid. We firmly believe the only way our patients will fully benefit from their new hearing aid is through follow-up care.

Recent research published in the Hearing Review strongly supports our practice.

In an article by 14 researchers – led by renowned hearing aid authority Sergei Kockin, PhD – 2,000 hearing aid users were surveyed and they discovered that those who had a comprehensive fitting when obtaining their hearing aids had better outcomes than those who received a minimal fitting. In other words, patients who were given appropriate support by their hearing aid provider heard better!

The research team also reported that a hearing aid user typically needs at least three visits after purchase to fully adjust their hearing aids, while those with severe hearing loss and other needs may need even more. Amplification increases the audibility of many sounds, but it takes the brain time to fully adapt to this new level of sound, which is why adjustments are needed.

Gaining the maximum benefit of your hearing aids is a process that requires tweaks and adjustments over the first few months. Follow-up visits allow your audiologist’s office to make adjustments and ensure that your hearing aids are functioning according to specifications. These adjustments are based upon user input and verify the hearing aid’s performance using Real Ear Measures.

The research also noted that 99 percent of hearing aid users who received follow-up service reported overall satisfaction and 84 percent were satisfied with how their hearing aids worked in multiple listening environments. For hearing aid users who did not receive comprehensive protocol, only 12 percent were satisfied with their hearing aids and just 14 percent were satisfied with how their hearing aids worked in multiple listening environments. This difference clearly indicates the importance of good follow-up care.

The following graph illustrates the benefit of good customer service.


As you can see, follow-up care and quality customer service equals maximum benefits for hearing aids users. We encourage you not to settle for less, and make sure you schedule follow-up appointments when you are fitted with a new hearing aid. Contact Associates in Hearing HealthCare today at 856.266.9590 to see how we can help!

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