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Batteries, batteries and more batteries! As wonderful as hearing aids are, they come with a constant need for batteries. Some hearing aid batteries need to be changed every 3-4 days while others can last up to 3 weeks.

Compared to a watch battery, this is a very short time period. But hearing aids are mini-computers on your head and need much more power than watches. Environmentally, rechargeable batteries are preferable, even though we do recycle all the discharged batteries returned to us.

But technology has come to the rescue once again. Rechargeable batteries are now available from several manufacturers and are very effective. So far, they are limited to behind the ear models.

Phonak ‘s rechargeable hearing aids are discreet and can fit a wide range of hearing losses. The rechargeable battery is lithium-ion and will last for at least a year before needing replacement. The hearing aids are charged daily overnight and will hold a charge for at least 16 hours. An added advantage is that the battery is completely enclosed, preventing dust and moisture from entering the hearing aids.

Oticon’s rechargeable hearing aids also are very discreet and fit many different types of hearing loss. These lithium-ion batteries are not fully enclosed which allows the user to change back to the traditional zinc air battery should they forget to charge their hearing aids or bring their charger when traveling. The batteries also last about a year before needing replacement.

In addition, Associates in Hearing HealthCare would like current Oticon Opn wearers to know that their hearing aids can be retrofitted and be converted into rechargeable hearing aids. All wearers need to do is bring their miniRITE in to either our Barrington or Marlton location, and our staff will be able to convert the hearing aid.

Widex is the third manufacturer we deal with that is offering a rechargeable battery, starting in November of this year. Like the Oticon aids, all the Widex Beyond aids will be able to be retrofitted and converted into rechargeable hearing aids.

If you have any questions or want to retrofit your miniRITE hearing aids, schedule an appointment online at either our Barrington or Marlton locations or call 856-266-9590.


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