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Argh!! Telephones!!

Under normal conversational condition, talkers look at each other and a person with a hearing loss receives a huge benefit from seeing the talker. The brain gets information from both ears and both eyes and combines visual and auditory cues,...

A Tasty Sound

Recently, a patient reported that he had forgotten that ice clinks in a glass. He and his wife went out to dinner to celebrate his first set of hearing aids. When he picked up his water glass he was pleasantly...

What’s New in Hearing Aid Technology?

Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids let you wirelessly connect to a TV, cell phone, landline phone, iPod and more. These devices provide better sound clarity and speech comprehension since the sound is delivered directly to the hearing aid without reverberation or sound decay.


Optimize Battery Life with Your Hearing Aid

One of the most common questions we receive is: How can I make my hearing aid battery last longer? Here are some tips to prolong the battery life:

  • Don’t remove the plastic on the back of your batteries until...
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