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October is National Hearing Awareness Month

Our goal at Associates in Hearing HealthCare is to raise awareness among youth and their parents about the causes and prevention of NIHL. While younger age groups might be more likely to crank up the volume and listen to headphones,...

How to Teach Kids about Hearing Loss

We live in a very noisy world and while many parents think to protect their children from health hazards, fewer think to protect hearing, mainly because noise is so ubiquitous. Noise damage is cumulative, so starting earlier pays off in...

Tips for Protecting Your Hearing

Though age is a factor, noise-induced hearing loss among all ages is also a growing concern. When we subject our ears to loud sounds - like music, commuter travel, and construction noises- without using ear protection, hearing loss may occur.


Rechargeable Hearing Aids come to the Rescue

Compared to a watch battery, this is a very short time period. But hearing aids are mini-computers on your head and need much more power than watches. Environmentally, rechargeable batteries are preferable, even though we do recycle all the discharged...

Should I Wear Ear Protection at Summer Concerts

Some people falsely believe that if the sound is outside, it will not be dangerous. Excessively loud sound is hazardous both indoors and out if it exceeds 90 dB for a period of time. Measurements of some concerts indicate that...

Patients Hear Favorite Sounds Thanks to Dr. Kennedy

When this happens, I am frequently able to program their hearing aids so that they may hear better in specific situations. They can more fully enjoy their interests and I truly enjoy the problem-solving process.

Two examples come to mind...

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