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A Rare But Not Unknown Aggravation

It’s still a somewhat enigmatic disorder, but tinnitus is a well-known phenomenon in the world of audiology.

The symptom and condition of tinnitus are one and the same — a persistent “hearing” of a sound that is not occurring outside...

Holiday Celebrations

But even in the most wonderful celebrations, people with hearing loss often find themselves struggling to participate, especially in larger groups. If one of the people at the dinner table has untreated hearing loss he/she may be left out of...

One-Sided Hearing Loss Is Not Something To Ignore

“That’s just my bad ear – the other one hears perfectly,” they may say, considering the problem less serious than hearing loss in both ears.

Associates in Hearing Healthcare in Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey reminds you that one-sided hearing...

Gift Ideas For Those With Hearing Loss

Determining the perfect gift to get a loved one can be a challenge for anyone.

The best – maybe even perfect – gifts are often ones that show the recipient you understand what they enjoy and bonus points if it...

Learning to Communicate Better With Hearing Loss

While it helps if the person we’re conversing with practices good communication techniques such as facing us, making eye contact, speaking clearly without shouting, and not covering their face, communication goes both ways.

Associates in Hearing HealthCare in Barrington and...

Don’t Let Summer Fun Lead to Hearing Loss

Fireworks, concerts and sporting events all come with a risk for hearing loss, including:

  • Permanent hearing loss: The loss of hearing that is never restored.
  • Temporary hearing loss: Noise-induced hearing loss that typically lasts for less than a day.
  • Tinnitus: A ringing, buzzing...
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