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The History and Evolution of Hearing Aids

It’s a pretty safe assumption that as long as humans have been around there have been individuals whose hearing went away, either slowly or suddenly. Technological fixes can be found in archeological digs, precursors to today’s microcomputers for the ears.


June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness

The Alzheimer’s Association has declared June National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness  Month and adopted purple to heighten awareness.   In support, our staff will be wearing purple every Friday for the month of June.

We aim to...

Aging, Hearing Loss, and Cognitive Function

Of all the organs of the human body, the brain is still the most mysterious and least understood by science. But there is a tremendous amount of research focused on changing that. Given that May is Better Hearing and Speech...

A Rare But Not Unknown Aggravation

It’s still a somewhat enigmatic disorder, but tinnitus is a well-known phenomenon in the world of audiology.

The symptom and condition of tinnitus are one and the same — a persistent “hearing” of a sound that is not occurring...

Holiday Celebrations

But even in the most wonderful celebrations, people with hearing loss often find themselves struggling to participate, especially in larger groups. If one of the people at the dinner table has untreated hearing loss he/she may be left out of...

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