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Hearing Loss and Depression

Hearing loss has far-reaching consequences beyond the ability to detect sound. It causes problems understanding conversational speech, for both the person with the hearing loss and for friends and family. For most of us, social situations are very important, as...

The Ways of Aural Rehabilitation

The methodology of recognizing, diagnosing, and treating hearing loss and related issues is known as aural rehabilitation. Testing and hearing aids are its two best-known pieces, but several other specialized treatments are also part of the field. The ultimate goal...

Risk of Falls and Hearing Loss

We all know that aging brings an increase in many risks. Foremost among these is falling. Seeing that a serious fall can be a life altering event, prevention of falls is critical.

Since the ear functions for both hearing and...

The History and Evolution of Hearing Aids

It’s a pretty safe assumption that as long as humans have been around there have been individuals whose hearing went away, either slowly or suddenly. Technological fixes can be found in archeological digs, precursors to today’s microcomputers for the ears.

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