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This October, the American Academy of Audiology encourages you learn more about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) – the only hearing loss that’s preventable – and to learn more about audiology.

Our goal at Associates in Hearing HealthCare is to raise awareness among youth and their parents about the causes and prevention of NIHL. While younger age groups might be more likely to crank up the volume and listen to headphones, NIHL affects people of all ages.

About 26 million Americans have hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noises. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that as many as 16% of teens have reported varying degrees of hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure.

Help spread the word this month – NIHL is permanent and can build over time. But, it’s also preventable! Follow these easy steps to protect your and your teen’s hearing.

  • Move away from noise. Distance yourself from the loud noise source to reduce the impact on your hearing.
  • Turn down the dial. When listening to electronic devices, you should set the volume to a level that enables you to still hear activities around you.
  • Wear hearing protection. Earmuffs and earplugs are great alternatives if you can’t leave a noisy place.

National Audiology Awareness Month also promotes healthy hearing and hearing exams. If you have trouble hearing conversations or have constant ringing in your ears, you might need to see an audiologist. Even if you’re not experiencing significant symptoms, an audiologist can provide you with a baseline hearing assessment and track your hearing health over time.

An audiologist is a doctoral-level healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating those with hearing loss and balance disorders. To accurately identify a hearing problem, you should have a comprehensive consultation with a trusted audiologist.

Conveniently located in Barrington and Marlon, NJ, Associates in Hearing HealthCare aims to educate and treat patients with hearing loss so they can live happier, fuller lives. Schedule an appointment online or call us today at (856) 266-9590 for your complimentary consultation!


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