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When a family member begins to experience hearing loss, there are bound to be some challenging conversations about the next step.

Because the loss of hearing can be emotionally similar to other major losses, the person may be going through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – as they begin to process it.

It’s important to be a support system for your loved one, listening to their fears and concerns. You must also be an advocate for them, encouraging them to get a hearing test conducted by an audiologist at Associates in Hearing HealthCare. Try bringing up these talking points if they resist the idea.


Annual or regular hearing evaluations should be part of your routine healthcare plan, just like they are with your physician, dentist or other specialists. This approach may convince your family member to come in for a complimentary consultation to undergo their first hearing test.


The average person with hearing loss waits seven years before they get tested. Left untreated, hearing loss is connected to serious health problems such as heart disease, dementia and depression. Because hearing loss tends to worsen over time and cannot be restored, it’s important to act quickly.


Going together to get a hearing evaluation can make the process seem less intimidating. Plus, this will help hit home the message that everyone should get their hearing tested. Third, you may discover slight hearing loss that you didn’t realize you had so that it can be addressed now.


Be prepared for your loved one’s objections. Some common ones include:  they’re too young for hearing loss; hearing aids are too much work; or they’ll be embarrassed to wear them.

You can explain that hearing loss can begin at any age, with even teenagers at risk due to loud music; that today’s hearing aids can be very small and adjust their settings to minimize impact on wearers; and that not having to ask people to repeat themselves or being part of conversations is worth any slight perceived downside in appearance.

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