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Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness

The Alzheimer’s Association has declared June National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness  Month and adopted purple to heighten awareness.   In support, our staff will be wearing purple every Friday for the month of June.

We aim to raise awareness of the connection between hearing loss and a healthy brain. Research has clearly shown a link between lack of stimulation for the brain and cognitive decline which may develop into Alzheimer’s. Although hearing loss does not cause Alzheimer’s disease, we know that untreated hearing loss can make cognitive decline more debilitating.

By using hearing aids, the risk of developing dementia is lessened. The better a person hears, the less energy is spent on hearing , which allows the listener to use more energy on other brain tasks. Constantly straining to hear puts unneeded stress on the brain. Social isolation, which is a common consequence of untreated hearing loss, also plays a significant role in Alzheimers. Hearing aids reconnect listeners to the world and their social isolation is greatly diminished.

In summary the evidence is strong that treating hearing loss, typically with hearing aids, will keep the brain healthy. A healthy brain is the best deterrent against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

- Associates In Hearing HealthCare
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