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Our clients with hearing aids often voice concerns about struggling to hear in noisy environments, particularly in restaurants.

Associates in Hearing Healthcare – an audiology private practice in Barrington and Marlton, New Jersey – knows this is a complex topic.




Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting noisy locations.

  • If the speech you’re listening to is louder than the background noise, you will most likely be able to understand the person.
  • If the speech is the same volume as the noise in the background, your ability to understand the other person is significantly decreased.
  • However, if the speech is quieter than the background noise, you will not hear the person.


Your surrounding environment plays an important part in acoustics. Hard surfaces reflect sound, making the room seem reverberant and excessively noisy. Softer surfaces will help absorb sound, making close speech easier to understand.

Look around. Are the wall surfaces harder materials such as glass, brick, wood or concrete? Are the ceilings high? Are there acoustic tiles or any soft materials such as curtains, wall hangings or carpet to help absorb noise?

Today’s trendy restaurants often do not take into account how their architectural designs can amplify noise. Open floor plans, music and bare tables create a nice aesthetic but create a challenge for diners with hearing aids. Look for restaurants that make your listening experience better or dine before or after the evening rush. Request a table in a quieter section of the restaurant whenever possible.


Because hearing aids use microphones and computer processing to deal with background noise, it’s important to choose a seat that positions you between the background noise and the speech you want to hear. For years, people with hearing aids were told to sit with their back to the wall. Put your back to the background noise instead.

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