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If you struggle to hear, then you may already be familiar with hearing aids and their benefit to you and your quality of life as one of the millions of people in America who suffer from hearing loss. However, there are many different types of hearing aids in the modern market that have been developed to suit you and your lifestyle. The main three types of hearing aids that we offer here at Associates in Hearing HealthCare include Oticon hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, and Lyric hearing aids (these are the three leading manufacturers of hearing aids). Furthermore, for each of these hearing aid brands, the styles can come in IIC (Invisible-in-the-Canal) style, CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) style, ITC (In-the-Canal) style, ITE (In-the-Ear) style, BTE (Behind-the-Ear) style, and Open Fit and Receiver in the Canal Behind the Ear style.


Oticon hearing aids & their benefits

  • Easy to use, with clear and natural sound quality to work seamlessly in noisy environments
  • Remote control features and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Automatically reduces background noise and makes voices clearer
  • Listen to multiple speakers in busy environments and switch your attention to what’s important to you
  • Many styles and fits for whatever your needs may be
  • Backed by accessories to expand your range of hearing in various situations
  • Integration allows connectivity to numerous entertainment and communication applications
  • Analyzes the user’s environment 100x per second and balances every individual sound to provide an “open-sound” experience
  • Speech sounds come through naturally and clear while background sounds are audible without being disturbing
  • BrainHearing technology takes the effort out of listening and wearers report 30% improved speech understanding, 20% reduced listening effort, and 20% better recall of conversations
  • Comes in many different styles, allowing you to choose what best suits your lifestyle

Widex hearing aids & their benefits

  • Enable you to effortlessly hear in a variety of listening situations
  • Fit so that they suit your exact hearing loss and the way you listen and are made to be as comfortable as possible
  • They are 20% smaller than standard hearing aids and come in more than 10 colors, making them appropriate for any occasion
  • There are several accessories that allow you to fine-tune your listening efforts
  • Connectivity to smartphones

Lyric hearing aids & their benefits

  • World’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, and shower-proof hearing device
  • Comfortably placed in the ear canal without the need for any unwanted surgery or anesthesia
  • Can be worn all day, every day for months at a time, during daily activities like sleeping, exercising, and even showering as well
  • Uses the ear’s own anatomy to deliver the best sound quality possible

If you suffer from hearing loss then one of these three types of hearing aids may suit your lifestyle and make your quality of life much better when you’ll be able to hear clearly again once you find one that works best for you. An astounding 20% of the population (which is more than 48 million people) suffers from hearing loss, so you are not alone. Furthermore, if you are 65 or above, then you may be the 1 in 3 people who suffer from hearing loss. And in addition to that, 50 million people suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Unfortunately, about 2 to 3 of every 1,000 babies in the U.S. are born with hearing loss in at least one of their ears. Lastly, there are about 30 million Americans who work in environments that have unsafe noise levels.

If any of the above statistic descriptions seem to accurately describe you or your hearing situation, a hearing aid may be the best thing for you! If you have any additional questions regarding the hearing aids we offer, our services or pricing, or any other general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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