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We are pleased to announce that we are now a Cochlear Network Provider. This is a new service we offer in collaboration with the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) physicians at the Hospital of the University Of Pennsylvania and Cochlear Corporation. We are honored to be the first site in southern New Jersey offering this service.

We have always recommended cochlear implants when hearing aids are not sufficiently beneficial. In some individuals, as hearing loss progresses, the high frequency sounds necessary for good speech understanding become inaudible, even when using the most sophisticated hearing aids. The person with the hearing loss will “hear” speech but will not be able to understand speech. For these folks, amplified speech from a hearing aid lacks speech clarity. For many of these individuals, cochlear implants offer the best opportunity to hear much better than they can with their hearing aids.

When this occurs, we offer a special Cochlear Implant evaluation which assesses the individual’s likelihood to benefit from a Cochlear Implant as well as ensuring eligibility for FDA guidelines. If the test results indicate the person is a good candidate acoustically, they are referred to the ENT physicians for further assessment. If the ENT agrees, the Cochlear Implant is surgically placed in the ear. The implantation is typically a same-day procedure
After a period of recovery from 2-4 weeks, the individual returns to our office where we activate the implant. As is the case with hearing aids, it takes time for the new Cochlear Implant user to adjust to the device. Typically a new Cochlear Implant user will need 2-3 follow up appointments in the first 2 months to map (program) the implant for best performance. Auditory training techniques are recommended for the first few months. Once the device is fully adjusted, routine semi-annual or annual appointments are recommended.

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