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Notice Hearing Loss, But Don’t Assume the Worst

Notice Hearing Loss, But Don’t Assume the Worst

Getting the sense that your ability to hear is being stifled — that everyone is mumbling — can be caused by a number of factors. It may mean that it’s time to start thinking hard about a hearing aid — and at a minimum, a visit to a hearing health professional is...

One-Sided Hearing Loss Is Not Something To Ignore

Many people tend to think of single-sided hearing loss as something that doesn’t need to be addressed.“That’s just my bad ear – the other one hears perfectly,” they may say, considering the problem less serious than hearing loss in both ears.Associates in Hearing...

Gift Ideas For Those With Hearing Loss

Determining the perfect gift to get a loved one can be a challenge for anyone.The best – maybe even perfect – gifts are often ones that show the recipient you understand what they enjoy and bonus points if it improves their life in some way.Associates in Hearing...
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