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Argh!! Telephones!!

Telephones are ubiquitous in our world. There is no escape from them. For folks with hearing loss they present a huge challenge. But…. there are some really good new tricks that can be used to help.Under normal conversational condition, talkers look at each other and...

5 Healthy Tips for Hearing in the Summer

For most of us, summertime means swimming, cookouts and sunscreen. If you wear hearing aids, these summer activities can wreak havoc with your devices. After all, hearing aids are delicate instruments that are vulnerable to heat and moisture.But the sunshine and water...

What’s New in Hearing Aid Technology?

What’s new in hearing aid technology? That’s a question our staff and audiologists are asked all the time – one that we’re excited to answer! These days, there are countless new hearing aids with groundbreaking technology to address all degrees and types of hearing...
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