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Healthy Hearing with Food

A well-balanced diet does more than just keep your muscles and bones healthy.  It also helps your ears!!  It’s true; your diet can improve, or worsen, your hearing quality.  While multi-vitamins are beneficial, the most effective way to gain the benefits of getting...

A Tasty Sound

Recently, a patient reported that he had forgotten that ice clinks in a glass. He and his wife went out to dinner to celebrate his first set of hearing aids. When he picked up his water glass he was pleasantly surprised to hear the ice clink. Even more interesting,...

Grapes, Wine and Hearing

Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit recently reported some interesting results in the journal Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. They found that a substance found in red grapes and red wine, Resveratrol, may act as a protection from hearing loss and...
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